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Analysis of the development trend of the optical fiber and cable industry in 2013

Source:Weihang electric (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd. Browse:725times Upload Date:2013/7/30

 In 2013 the global optical fiber and cable industry overall supply exceeds demand, capacity utilization rate is still at a high level. Since the second half of 2008 market demand significantly improve, demand for optical fiber and cable industry 09 years; in 2013, is expected to demand of about 8000~9000 million in the fiber core km, effective supply capacity of about 9000~10000 million annual production capacity surplus core km, at about 10000000 core km, capacity utilization rate is about 85%~90%, compared to the historical at a high level. In addition, from a global demand, with the global telecommunications investment warming effect of optical fiber and cable demand will increase.
In 2013 the fiber price drop is a consensus. From the research situation, several optical fiber plants are expected in 2013 prices will fall, the tender price from 09 years of the 86 yuan fell to 75-80 yuan between, falling in the range of 7%-13%. On the whole, because the degree of concentration has higher optical fiber and cable market, improve collaboration communication between firms, also has the promotion to the price the influence, in the industry demand remains strong background, is expected to decline in 10%.
Wool interest rate two compression. In 2013 is expected to decline in prices and fiber, fiber raw material one one bar price increases the probability of large, the main reason is that the fiber increased demand, while global stick full production capacity, supply growth is relatively small, is expected to import bar prices may increase 5%-10%; in the role of the two, industry gross margins will decline, largely down to 08 years level.
In the long term, optical fiber and cable industry boom degrees still support. There are two main factors: one is the world especially the development of domestic optical communication industry driven by 3G, FTTx, integration of three networks and other factors in a 5-10 boom period, demand; two is the optical fiber preform is expected to make an industry breakthrough in the next year, and is expected to achieve localization in the next five years, will promote domestic fiber exports, the formation of new industry growth.


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